As it was a fine morning, we decided we would go out and do our work in the green gym and then I would think about a flower for the Flower Friday challenge.  We still have lots of flowers in the garden, so my choice should have been quite easy, but it was quite the opposite.  Would it be the Japanese Anemone that we have been waiting for two years to flower, or would be it one of Mr. HCB’s home-grown carnations.  Perhaps a marigold might fit the bill, or even a rose or a pansy - but none of these, despite taking many shots, satisfied that feeling I had to get something different.

We had a coffee break when we sat and chatted about what we were going to do in the garden now that the fence is complete.  We have asked the man who did our front drive to come and give us a quote to pave the area in front of the side blue fence, but he hasn’t been in touch yet, so we are exploring other possibilities.  One of those is to have some very large bags of golden shingle delivered and to wheelbarrow it in ourselves.  As I have often said, who needs to pay for expensive gym membership when you have a garden like ours?  We remembered too that Kathryn, our friends’ daughter, said that if we needed any help in the garden, she was happy to come and give us a hand - so we might even ask her- and of course, we will pay her for her labour!

Having measured the area we want to gravel, which is in front of the new fence, we then decided to take out some of the plants and these were duly replanted in the front border.  Our friend, Gill, who is kind enough to do shopping for us at Aldi then popped in with our purchases, so we had another cup of coffee with her, and then, just as we were saying goodbye to her, Lynn and Mike said that they were busy this afternoon, so we decided to have our afternoon tea at 12.30 p.m. instead of at 4.o’clock.  

After a quick sandwich lunch, I went back out into the garden to take some photographs of the Agapanthus, as I hadn’t taken many this year.  By the time it was very windy, and they were moving around quite a lot, when I realised that there was a little garden spider on one of the flowers that was getting blown about all over the place.  I came in to get my Canon camera because that does have a cable remote so I thought it might be easier and this was the result.  Not so much Flower Friday as Spider Friday - but I’m happy with that and there is a faded flower of the Agapanthus in the shot too.

It’s still very windy, but I’m going back out into the garden because we still have lots to do and it’s not raining.  Have a great weekend and stay safe and if you have a minute, listen to this - it brought back lots of memories for me of singing this when I was much younger, when listening to "Children's Choice" presented by Uncle Mac - and I could remember every word!

If you want to live and thrive, 
     let the spider run alive.
Old Proverb

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