By Missycat

Day 166 September garden

Again I couldn't decide which picture to choose, so collage it is today.  This is the season of Japanese anemones for us and as you see we have them in three colours.  I thought at first that the shiny green dot on the top left flower was an exciting new beetle but closer examination shows it to be a tiny piece of glitter: no prizes for guessing how that got there!
The bottom row middle picture is a mystery as I can't remember of this tiny plant with succulent leaves and I can't identify the strange winged creature sitting on it.  Any one who can help with either, I'd be grateful.
No alternative flower this week as she is with her father this weekend.

In other news: I had a brief reminder of my former working life today, when I received an email from BT Business reminding me to pay my overdue bill...Of course I got in touch with the new owners and then BT and to cut a long story short, it appears that BT now think that we and the new owners failed to close our account and open one for them.  There is no explanation as to why I have not heard from BT since January, when I did close our account and pay a final bill, or why I can suddenly use my details to get into a BT account which is not mine!  Fortunately, being a belt and braces sort of person, I have plenty of evidence to show that I did my bit correctly and therefore it is BT's mistake.  I expect that eventually, the pandemic and subsequent lockdown will be given as the excuse for their error.

Many thanks as always to BikerBear for her continued hosting.  Follow my link to see her bargain flowers from last week still looking quite glorious.

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