Day 167 Shades of green II

Yesterday I posted a collage of many of the bright flowers in the garden, but this picture is rather more truthful about the overall look which is mainly shades of green.  I only took 4 phone photos today and this is one of them, taken when I had a quiet hour sitting in the sunshine.  I rather think that the days when it is warm enough to do this will now be few and far between.
Today was one of mainly mundane chores: sorting a cupboard and more in the kitchen and folding and putting away rather a lot of laundry.  Later, in the evening, we watched Invictus: follow my link to learn more.  Mr MC spent a year working in South Africa in the 1970s, before apartheid was dismantled.  His work  was based  at the Dental School at the University of Witwatersrand, where Nelson Mandela himself studied law in the 1940s being then the only black student.  By Mr MC 's time there were rather more black students, but only within the rules of apartheid: true change was nearly twenty years away.

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