Day 165 Other Worldly II

There is no theme for this week's AT challenge, set by our regular host Ingeborg, as it is the first Thursday of a new month.  I' thought I'd try again something that I did last year, using a piece of fabric behind my (photography uses only) crystal ball, but using different fabric.  I just couldn't get a shot without there being far too many reflections in the ball, so in the end I used flash and then distorted the best of a bad bunch in PS Elements, using the Wave filter.  It was only after all this that I saw that last year, I took the shots when it was dark and used just my trusty Ikea spotlight lamp to get light where I wanted it...
Today was a big event for me, at least in lockdown terms, as I went out to have lunch with my very longtime friend C.  We have not met face to face since March and as she doesn't do Zoom, have only corresponded by Whatsapp messages.  It was lovely to see her and three hours went by very quickly indeed.  We will resume our fortnightly lunches from now on, although I must say that I would have felt more secure at our local Toby Carvery if the staff had either worn face coverings, or not kept coming so close to us.
It was certainly a big day for Violet too as she went back to school for her first day in Year 2.  Her mummy told me that she looked quite overwhelmed as she was ushered quickly into the classroom, with parents having to walk away immediately.  She was picked up by and will be spending the weekend with her father, but I heard secondhand that she had in fact had a very good day and her teacher was very pleased with her.  Long may it continue!

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