By GoProBlipper

Trump Moon

The morning was an early hour, wake up of a strong wind storm. The tent was blown about making all kinds of noises. It held together, as I’d expected, but that was some weather. After drifting off to sleep, again awoken by weather, this time the sounds of rain. Not too heavy at first, but slowly built to a decent level. I know a lot of people love the sound of rain on a tin roof, personally, I prefer the sound of rain in a tent. Very relaxing and didn’t get back to sleep.

After eventually getting up, the first job re-lube the bikes after the previous day's multiple rainstorms, then a quick ride to find a cafe.

So the intention was a small ride to get a coffee and then a swim & lunch. Expect that short ride to end up being a five hour explore as I found a nice beach ride. While returning to camp, I found some unexpected single tracks mtb tracks. Schweet, lots of exploring and seeing all the little sections. After a while started to get hungry and by no means had I ridden everything—lunch and then back to camp for a shower.

Went for a drive as I had to pick up some food from last weeks caravan park and did that via a trip to bunnings and a camping store. Hardware & camping stores are dangerous, fortunately, didn't punish the plastic unnecessarily. Returning to camp also included a shop for food supplies.

Cooked some lamb steaks, did some washing and then a 6.5km walk before returning to the tent for this blip and then hopefully get to watch some tour de France. Meanwhile the moon is very yellow, bordering on orange, thanks to recent back burning. Today’s MTB riding went through sections of Bush still smouldering and smoking from this.

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