Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Family Party

Son Eric and D-i-l Anne are so nice to have this 80th birthday party in their lovely big yard … . we had a great array of desserts, including plant based ice cream that was delicious.   Made a collage with some of the highlights…of course we all enjoyed the 2 dogs who had a great time together.  Nice to have Fiona not on a screen…she made a fabulous card...  still too much distance for me   but I guess that won’t be forever. The reports of school sound questionable to me… the parents are being inundated with huge long emails from the schools.,  Tatum has one good class. "Hands across the Bridge" that met 5 times over summer.. (many social justice issues, a normal year they could have traveled to South Africa or Ireland))   Niklas says all the good classes are done for him  and kids are getting together with their laptops in the park to have class with each other. . Oskar says 15 minutes per class, lots (too many) breaks. Not sure how he'll cope with the timings.   Fi just met her class.   She will be fine.
We are so lucky with such a wonderful family.  Thanks to all (and for the 80 pieces of Fran's chocolate!)

And Thank YOU for all the kind birthday wishes yesterday.!

The museum visit was very bizarre with almost no-one there… A small Georgia Okeefe exhibit where you had to wait in one line.  and one couple was taking forever to move.....we had to escape around them.    But the 3 video theaters of John Akomfrah, a British artist, had chairs distanced apart..and were almost empty, (one totally)  so we enjoyed them.   But had to come home and have a was exhausting for some odd reason and the longest I've had a mask on.   Can't imagine doing this much....

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