By Ingeborg

Still going strong

After the heatwave that made them hang their petals a few weeks further the rudbeckia are still going strong and with their purple neighbours they illustrate one of the duos of complementary colours.

I'm feeling rather under the weather, sneezing, headache, bit of pain at the back of my nose, a bit shivery. Wondering how on earth I could have caught a head cold while social distancing and keeping outings at an absolute minimum as we have been doing since the beginning of March. Dreading to think I might have caught the virus and at the worst of time for whatever I have caught as this coming week is the week the grandbaby is due !  And I am supposed to help when the baby has arrived. If it's not over/better  by tomorrow I'll have to ask if I can be tested for Covid-19 ...

Anyway ... thanks so much for all the AT entries last Thursday, they were a delight to look at. I've only starred them today without comments, but that at least should tell you I have seen them. This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'complementary colours' and the tag will be AT272.

Here's the list of last Thursday's specials:
Honeycombebeach      many coloured washcloth
Annie                               view of a world with a virus
Stella2                             warm ICM abstract
LesleyAlsford                 lightpainting with a cd
MyThird                           intriguing abstract

Thanks so much for the kind comments and stars for my little kitchen helpers, the lid lifters :-)

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