By Ingeborg


One of the branches in the latest bouquet has roots and all (it's the amaranth). Combining today's Dutch photo course subject of 'roots' with today's Mono Monday theme of over/under , by showing what's under in the vase with stems all over each other :-) With thanks to BlackTulip for hosting MonoMonday today !

Thanks very much for your kind comments yesterday, I'm still feeling as if a headcold or flu is starting, although I have no fever and my sense of smell and taste is fine, but the stuffy achy head and throat and the shivery feeling persist. I know chances are very slim but I have applied for a Covid-19 test anyway, we can't be too careful when it comes to being near a newborn soon. The fastest and nearest test was only possible tomorrow afternoon at a location 45 minutes away by car !
Oh well ... better safe than sorry.

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