Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Poet's narcissus

A showery kind of day today; Mrs M and I went down to the shops after lunch - I also wanted to buy some canes to support the twining stems of my two pots of Bomarea edulis which had grown taller than my previous canes and were waving about in the wind. They're going to be flowering soon - several flowers by the look of it. A beautiful plant and well worth growing.

I also picked up a cheap pack of Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus in Lidlthe lovely pheasant's eye narcissus. A bag of eight for £1.79 - seems quite a bargain for such a beautiful flower! Potted them up for now - someday I hope to get them into the garden!

Limerick of the Day:

An East-ender who traded in eels,
Had a side-line in secon’-an’ wheels.
He worked wiv his bruvver,
Who joined him in uvver
Multifarious and jubious deals.

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