By Ridgeback13


Another very busy day cleaning and sorting. Had breakfast with M and Ad before they set off to settle him into his new flat, and I started on the rest of the cleaning then went out to sort flowers for the flat (thought it would be nice to decorate with the flowers they'd wanted for the wedding and bouquet) and get some helium balloons to put around the place. Having cleaned the ovens yesterday I decided to do the fridge today and restock it, so when I got back from the shops I had nearly finished it all when a bottle of beer threw itself out of the fridge and smashed everywhere. Good grief!
Spent quite a lot of time online, planning some options for activities for when A&N are here, and made some progress thank goodness, then baked some brownies for Ad to share with his new flatmates and had a good chat to M over a drink and some olives before going out for dinner to the Kurdish place nearby. Delicious food and talked a lot about families and dilemmas and communication and levels of self-awareness...interesting insights 
Ended up having an early night as we were both very tired but I couldn't get to sleep as soon as I got to bed!

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