At some point in my life, I need to start doing something with all my clutter. That began today. Together with Mollie, we have made some plans to create things from all my hoarded material. We don’t know exactly what we are going to make with it, but today after work we started making bunting. I had gone through my ottoman at lunchtime and paired up fabrics that I thought would go together.

I did a long day until 6, but it didn’t feel that long. Consequently I didn’t get started on the bunting until 6.15 when I started drawing the triangles, as Mollie ironed the fabric. We cut 20 blue and 20 patterned triangles, to make 20 in total once sewn together.

It took a long time! I may be reviewing exactly what to make with all the various fabrics I have. I sewed up a few after dinner, and Mollie pressed them, but it was quite dark and my needle kept in threading, so I’ve left it for the evening and will come back to it tomorrow.

Liking the blues. Tomorrow I hope to see them all, and perhaps move onto a nice 70s orange curtain...

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