By dunkyc

Otter v Cookie

Today was one of those days where you are spoilt for a choice for a blip.

Initially, it was probably going to be centred around the generation spanning moment of licking the spoon and/or bowl after cookie preparation – see extra for The Youngest getting an early access pass before her siblings got wind.

However, things change and whilst the spoon/bowl lick was a cute one (and the cookies were absolutely delicious and barely made it to lunchtime), The Youngest was trumped by the natural world.

My sister is visiting with her husband and daughter (who calls me by my preferred moniker; “Unkle Dunkle”, which is about the cutest thing EVER), hence some cookie preparation and whilst it was nice having the children altogether at my place, we did feel the need to stretch our legs and get the children to the playground, stat.

So, there I am waxing lyrical about having spotted an otter on the river a few weeks and how rare a sighting it is, when my brother in law says “there’s one over there”. Sure enough, middle of the day, there was this chap (pictured) having a lovely splash about in the middle of the river! The timing of it all was very spooky. To my frustration, I didn’t have the big camera with me, hence the clumsy cropping here.

It was so lovely watching it play without a care in the world. An elderly couple who had obviously seen us watching it, came to see what we were looking at and grinned at us, before giving us a thumbs up – amazing how good for the soul a bit of magic from the natural world is! 

The rest of the day passed in good company, food and games culminating in a pillow fight and mild concussion.

This week’s film class was brought to a close with ‘A Few Good Men’ which I must say has stood the test of time remarkably well, but that’s what you get from an Aaron Sorkin script.

We saw a bloody otter in the wild today!

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