Evening stroll

I have mainly been plodding before work and at lunchtime to get my miles in. However, as it was Leo’s first day back at school I hung around at home so I could wave him off this morning,  and then it tipped down at lunchtime when I thought I would play catch-up. So instead, I headed out after work and timed my walk so I could meet the boys as they finished footie training. I was rewarded with a lovely evening sky as we headed back to the car.

The boys all got new footie kit as they have long outgrown their previous one. We are hoping this will give them a couple of seasons of wear so with any luck it will see them through to the end of their youth footie. Leo will be super visible in his fluorescent yellow clobber (extra).

It was a madly busy day as I juggled various things that all needed doing. The day flew by.  We had a practise of our live event we are running for the new students in a few weeks. It has the potential to all go awry as we switch between presentations and people - and it never seems to quite do the same thing each time we give it a whirl but we are just going to plough on and make the best of it.  I’ve had a fair few in person training session go to pot in my time so one more disaster won’t be the end of the world.  We may as well throw ourselves into it as we may well be doing this sort of thing for a while.

Leo said school is all very weird in their new setup but staying in their year bubbles means shorter queues for lunch which he was very happy about.  No traditional back to school blip as he still follows each snap I take with a quick ‘don’t post that anywhere’ entreaty.  All a good sign of him growing up and asserting independence, and shows that his IT lessons on internet security haven’t been wasted.  

So you’ll have to take it from me that he looked all grown up in his uniform. I can’t claim he looked smart as his shirt was purposely untucked and his trousers are a bit short with his white socks much in view.  Apparently that is the look he is after, rather than wearing his trousers that actually reach his shoes!

Leo’s school are still wearing ties and blazers unlike my friend’s school in Wales which has told them not to wear ties or blazers as they expect all uniform to be washed daily! That’ll be fun in the winter as everyone tries to get stuff dry quickly. No such instructions have been issued to us but that may be because Leo’s school can easily split into year bubbles as it is made up of lots of separate blocks of buildings rather than one big building.

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