Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Kerfuffle in the Gaggle

I'd seen a few photographs of Kingfishers at the Wolseley Centre run by Staffordshire Wildlife trust in recent days so I headed down there to try and get a few for myself.  While I sat waiting for an hour my only glimpse was of a streak of iridescent blue heading up river at a great distance.  What did take my eye was this gaggle of geese that had arrived on the river in an area of shallows by the far bank.  

I watched them for a good 15 minutes in fascination as they were constantly splashing around in the water, inverting on occasion, showing their webbed feet to the sky and then thrashing their wings against the water.  I can only assume it was part of some cleaning regime, but I can't ever remember seeing it before.

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