By ilkkavalkila

Wagtail and buddies

Wagtails like to spend time at the area where the cattle mostly lie down. Often they are much closer than this, but I liked the composition.

Emptied the dryer in the morning, then spent quite a lot of time cleaning it. Too much straw in the oats causing blockages. Then put the second load in, but as it was too small, went to harvest the rest of the field and got one and a half tankful more, just enough to fill the dryer. After putting that in and starting the dryer, decided it's time for coffee.

Just as I was about to start out to a more distant field, it started raining! Today was the only day this week without rain in most forecasts, but the little risk there was became reality. So, no more harvesting. Instead, I drove off to buy a replacement for a worn out pipe in the dryer's filling system. Noticed that in the morning, along with another little fault. The dryer is starting to show its age.

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