Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Rural Vandalism

Marian went off to visit her brother for the weekend. I've stayed at home to look after Cato. He was invited but we couldn't bear the travelling with him yowling for nearly three hours. Maybe he'll settle down as he gets more used to travelling. Hmm?

I went out on my bike this afternoon. It's certainly got a bit chillier today. I wore a light jumper but even so I didn't really get warm even with the hills. I went to Ashcombe thinking that the cyclamen must be at their peak now. I'm sure the would be if some bl**dy vandal groundsperson hadn't strimmed the churchyard! When I called in three weeks ago it had been strimmed but I thought that was a one off before the cyclamen appeared but no, it seems it's being done regularly by someone who doesn't know or doesn't care about the flowers. This is how they looked three years ago. I have written (emailed) the team administrator to alert them. It'll be toolate for this year but it would be good to seem them back next year.

That's why we have a picture of the lovely Ashcombe hillside with the greens just beginning to vary as the season progresses.

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