A day in the life

By Shelling


I might have overdone the grass cutting yesterday, or rather underdone the stretching and waterdrinking. I know that I can sometimes wake up with a cramp in my calf or thigh muscles or in a foot after having done something strenuous without taking care of my self afterwards. I woke up last night with a cramp in both my thigh muscles and the pain was enormous. I managed to get out of bed to stretch and walk around. I got to the kitchen, trembling with pain but after a while it calmed down. I had several glassest of water and sat down carefully because the cramp was  still lurking if I made a wrong move. Because of the pain and the adrenalin I was sweating, felt really sick and went to the bathroom. I didn't throw up but suddenly I fainted. I remember hearing the bang when I hit the floor but don't know how long I was lying there. When I woke up I had a back pain from hitting something in the fall so it took a long while to get back to bed. I couldn't sleep much because of the pain. I'm not seeking comfort, I just want you to learn from my example.

Getting out of bed this morning took a long time, the pain took my breath away several times. All day I'be been doing slow movements and a lot of careful walking and in the late afternoon I could walk around the pond, something I wouldn't have believed in the morning. I found a yoga for lower back pain by Adrienne that I would like to recommend you to do if you experience back pain. It's very gentle, I only had to skip one of the positions  towards the end. I'm not seeking comfort, just wants you to learn from my mistake and take care. Things can change quickly.

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