By simisue


Early last Spring, while gardening, I found a small PRAYING MANTIS
on my shoe.  They are welcome visitors in my garden, so I lifted it into 
my flowerbed, where I was planting small annuals.  The established CUPHEA ignea, with orange flowers, was nearby.  

Fast forward to mid September- -while working in the same area, I discovered this guy on the CUPHEA stem, & wonder if it is the 
same visitor, all grown up.  I hope so.

I planted the CUPHEA to attract HUMMINGBIRDS, which has been a great success.  They visit every day, without fail, flying from flower to flower.
In fact, it is their favorite plant in my yard. It is perennial her in California,
& grows into a woody shrub.  In Michigan, where the winters are harsh,
it is an annual & stays quite small.  The HUMMINGBIRDS  seem to find it wherever it is planted.  It is sometimes called "Vermillionaire," which is a name I quite like.

I wonder if the PRAYING MANTIS is also fond of this lovely, flowering

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