Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


Met Carl on the south side to check out a furniture shop. He's inheriting my sofa, armchair and footstool which will suit his new house better than it's ever suited mine, especially since I did some renovation work. After several visits to kitchen, bathroom, lighting, paint, wallpaper shops for Carl's requirements, this time we were checking out what I'll get to replace my old stuff.

On the way to a furniture shop in Sandyford we stopped off for a bite to eat in the Beacon South Quartet. We had fond memories of a meal we'd had in a place there some time ago and decided to try that again. The place has changed since and is now a branch of Elephant & Castle which is (or was?) in Temple Bar. We were impressed by their Covid protocols, especially the idea of turning one of each pair of tables around and using it as a serving and collection area for the one we were eating at.

Being a sucker for reflections, I couldn't resist blipping an opportunity on the far side of the square from the restaurant. Afterwards, the furniture shop turned out to be quite good, though the sofa and armchair I'd spotted online turned out not to finished as well as I'd like.

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