Woman Walking

By njoyce06

Vivian is At It Again........

The morning was beautiful!   Silver was ready for a ride.   Another  showed up and went Vivian, Silver, Sweet Pea and Pam!    The miles racked up,  we have now logged 80 something miles for the Cancer Challenge for Pediatrics!  We still have 3 more weeks to go, and hoping we can make the 200 miles!

The extra is one of the sights we found on the ride.  My friend and resident of OTOW, was out helping a damsel in distress.  Her golf cart either had used up it's battery charge or there was a short.  Either way she was dead in the road.  My friend attached a tow rope and off they went, up the street to turn and find the home and garage. 
    Thats the way people are in OTOW>    We take care of each other.   One day it will be ours and in the meantime we pay it forward.

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