Miss Adorable

Furlough Day 153, 13.09.20

Visited my friends (my lovely bubble) back where I used to live for a BBQ, we had a lovely relaxing afternoon in the garden with the dogs as it was too hot to walk them til later :)

Little Miss B in the main blip -  she was really more interested in her bone, and Mr B who was just happy to sit and watch most of the time in the extra.  They are both rescue dogs and this is the first time I've visited when they haven't barked at me at the door :)

Thank you for your kind comments and stars for Charlie, she was very pleased :)

I slept much better last night, propped up on pillows instead of flat - but sinuses, hay fever still really bad :(  One of my friends' daughter's has had a similar problem, so there must be something in the air.

Happy Sunday folks :)

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