By FrankS


Most of the car showrooms in Stratford are based along and off the Birmingham Road.  The main location being Western Road.  Other than car and motorcycle showrooms on Western Road is Mr Ben's.  This refreshment outlet has been here for as long as I can remember, it stands close to the snooker club where Tom spent, or misspent, his youth; mainly to watch various sporting fixtures on their TV, but also to play pool.  I believe Mr Ben's was where Tom had his first job.

We had to leave the Sunday zoom quiz early today as we had an appointment at Toyota on Western Road to test drive one of the new model hybrid Yaris.  We were impressed enough to place an order, it's a while before the lease on our current car expires but the lead time, zero percent offer and Brexit looming convinced us to get moving on it.  Delivery is to coincide with the end of the lease.

The extra shows a badly parked car where I left it outside the showroom following the test drive.

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