A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Summer’s last fling?

A lovely afternoon in the garden after our Morning Service, even briefer than last week so we were home before midday.

Enjoyed some garden time in my shorts! This Japanese Anemone is from a clump in the middle bed of the back garden.
We have three others two are pink and one white all on the periphery of the back and front gardens and drive.

I like them as they give lovely blooms in the late summer, and a lovely shape for photographs, but this patch is rather taking over. They are not easy to remove so they will probably stay where they are. 

As the good weather was forecast we invited our some down for a BBQ instead of the usual Sunday dinner. It was still really warm in the last of the afternoon sun, something that rarely happens even in the summer, and I managed to persuade my son to smile for the camera. Another rare occurrence - he doesn’t like his photo taking - so I’ve put it on as an extra.

A couple more days of summer to come we’re told, enjoy it if you can UK blippers, in no more than groups of six of course!

First extra was taken on Wednesday when there was a bit more cloud)

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