Loadsa Money!!

A few years ago Miss E started collecting money in a terramundi pot. Birthday money, a bit of pocket money, change that she accidentally forgot to give us! 
Today she decided to break it open and see what she had. She was giddy to discover that it was nearly £400 - enough for the PS4 she wants to buy. Whoop whoop!!
Number two on my Lockdown List  - after finishing my book - was clearing the sun room. It's so full of stuff you can barely get in! Today was the day to make a start.
Everything came out and I went to the tip with fifty tons of cardboard, put all my Sing and Sign stuff in the garage, sorted through all the bags and boxes full of car-boot stuff and sorted into bags for the charity shop and a few boxfuls for eBay.
It was exhausting.
Extra helpings of pulled pork for me tonight!

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