Girls at Work

The last time the sun room was empty was before we moved into this house in September 2016. I painted Miss L’s wardrobe in there. Which she hardly used as we got her a combi wardrobe desk bed from Ikea not long after we moved in and the painted wardrobe is now in the garage with camping gear in it. So that was two days well spent!!!!
This is the Little Misses scraping remnants of spattered blue paint from the floor before we put in the rest of their furniture.
We always planned for it to be a room for them and now, just four years later, here it is!!
They ate their dinner in there despite the lack of furniture (see extras) and then, once there was some furniture in there, sat and watched Friends all night. They love having their own room!
The room has no electricity - dodgy extension which didn’t meet building regs I suspect so the previous owner just chopped the wires!! There are lights and sockets but no power! That’s why it’s always been a bit of a pain to think about getting it sorted. We just decided to run the tv from an extension lead and they can sit in the dark later in the year. They’ll love that!!!

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