By strawhouse


This would appear to be the only picture I took today. To show Mr K what I was having for dinner!!
We're all about the exciting updates:
I’m watching Suits from the beginning and I also have House from the beginning recorded. Happy days!!!!
The dishwasher’s on, the bins are out - food, rubbish and garden, uniforms are in the wash, I’ve cleaned all round the kitchen and I’m drinking hot chocolate before bed.
And my dinner was TASTY!!!!!
Does it get any more exciting than that?!!!
I told Mr K about the bins not because I'm a downtrodden wife who gets in trouble if the jobs aren't all done. But rather because (don't read this bit Little Misses) it's Man's work to put the bins out, (and put stuff in them from the bins inside before you get to the Who Can Shove the Stuff Down a Teeny Bit More and Get that Last Wafer Thin Wrapper Inside? game)
But Mr K is a bit rubbish at all of it - doesn't get the food bin out early enough, loves the aforementioned game, acts like despite living in this house for getting on for three years that he has no idea that the bin men come on Tuesdays and thinks the garden waste bin is our very own personal compost heap.
That and the fact I wanted him to know I'd done more today than watched the first eight few episodes of Suits!!!!!

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