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By waipushrink

Letting in the light; Day 34

Only one new case of Covid in the 24 hours to 0900 this morning. Nevertheless the Prime Minister listened to the expert advice and continued us at Level 2.5. Not lock down, and most businesses can open, but with restrictions on numbers of customers at any one time, and appropriate distance between people. masks are strongly recommended. And mandatory in our unit.

My registrar is preparing a presentation for next Monday's Grand Round; a somewhat grandiose title for this weekly meeting. Although once a month it is displaced by the meeting of the psychiatrists. As with that meeting, 'attendance' at the Grand Rounds has been boosted by the use of technology, allowing many to sit in their clinical area and participate by Zoom.

We have chosen to present a case of a woman admitted in a manic state who relapsed little more than a week after discharge, again manic in the premenstrual week. Lithium levels had dropped as they do premenstrually for some women. It is likely that a slightly higher blood level will counteract that in the next cycle. 

We hope to let in some light to benefit patients.

The extra was not long after the sun had set.

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