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By GadgetKid

Mono Monday: Up and Down

I think I need to post this picture in colour so you can properly see the main subject matter - which is Up and Down for Mono Monday today. With thanks to SueJay50 for hosting... :)))

I've been meaning to blip this reworked pavement for ages. Today I finally got the chance. We were on our way to the post office to collect our Resident ID cards when I read the SMS they had sent properly. It said I should bring the receipt, but I didn't have it on me. I was going to risk it but G said, "Don't. You'll regret it." so we called in at home. G went up to leave her bag, change her top, and bring the papers. I waited in the car and realised it was a good time to capture this for posterity. G emerged just as I pressed the shutter!

So the story... back in June, when going out was still restricted, we heard some loud construction noises related to roadworks rather than buildings. I wondered what it could. We discovered soon enough that the Municipality was doing improvements to the road adding pedestrian crossings etc and for our "old" buildings (built in the early '80s), they put in these slopes so mums with buggies and people of determination can access the shops. "How cool", I thought. Now I don't have to struggle with the suitcases when we travel. If only they'd done this while my mum was still alive...

We had an amazing experience at the post office. Over the summer, they have introduced paid parking with only the first fifteen minutes given free. From past experience, I wondered how this would work. Anyway, we parked up, went in - first time going through a walkthrough sanitiser - and lo and behold, in less than five minutes, both G & I had our new Resident ID cards in our hands. I guess they have truly got their systems streamlined.

We got back to the car thrilled, only to have the problem of the car not starting. It has this quirk if the engine gets too hot and it hasn't had enough time to cool down, it doesn't start. Ugh. Fortunately, it fired up after five minutes and we headed straight to Carrefour in Wafi for a quick shop. G reckons we should make it our regular one but I don't think so.

The rest of the day disappeared again. I spent over seven hours creating my first ever video using moving images rather than photos. It wasn't too complicated. Most of the time was lost spent sourcing and downloading movie files which are rather large, some of them over 1 Gigabyte. I can see my poor little laptop running out of space soon!

And in the morning, G had a very short day at work. So short, I sat in The Mall and watched YouTube videos on how to create movies with the software I am trialling for a month. I know it's back to front but sometimes it's easier to start using something and then find the shortcuts!

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