A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Sunny canal walk

Wanting to make the most of today we planned to walk but Chris was having sciatica problems and I hadn’t slept too well having an aching ‘flu jab’ arm.

So we decided on a short stroll along the Leeds Liverpool canal.
Took the car to Morton cemetery and walked up through it to the canal side to walk towards Bingley. It is lovely and peaceful, passing countryside in many places, it’s only the sound of the main road below that reminds you you’re in an urban area.

I really like this house and it always reflects well, the geese were excitedly heading towards us but sadly we had nothing to give them. The house is just after the bridge for Morton Lane,  a barge was approaching so the bridge would have to be opened. Apparently it is electrically operated, operating the traffic lights on the road as well. There’s always something interesting to see on the canal.

We walked on to the Five Rise Locks and saw that the cafe has reopened so we stopped for coffee. I’d just sat down when the people on the next table said hello, two ex colleagues who have just taken early retirement largely prompted by Covid. They told me there was high incidence in the local schools including some partial closure of the school in the next village where one of them had worked. So glad I’m out!

Back at Bingley Main Street we got the bus back to the car, a first for me. Quite unremarkable but good to give the bus pass an airing!

Still lovely and warm but a bit hazier today. That might be it for the unseasonal warmth but it’s been very nice to be out enjoying it.

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