A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

No sun ..

to make the hay!
Spotted that the field above the village cricket ground had been cut again yesterday when we headed down to Bingley so stopped today to take a photo on our return from an M & S shop at Guiseley. I love to see the stripes of hay in the making.

Decided to include the cricket ground for a wide angle panorama. Not exactly minimalist but never mind. A foot path goes up the centre of the field and you can go either left or right to enter the St Ives Estate woodlands. In a few weeks the colours of these trees will be showing their Autumn hues.

This field is also the place where deer can often be seen in the early morning. There are some patches of rough grass growing on the left where they like to hide.

To the right of the cricket ground is a football pitch. Cricket is still being played at the weekends, no doubt the football has started up again with the new season.

As you can see it is no longer sunny. Dry but very much cooler today.

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