A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Seasonal browns

The sun has returned and it’s been a beautiful day with just a cool edge to the wind telling us it is no longer summer.

Chris and I walked up into the St Ives Estate this morning through the cricket field and recently mown field seen in yesterday’s wide angle blip.  (Top right shows you the view over the village from the other side from just above the field and before entering the woods.

Very soon spotted a Speckled Brown and saw several more as we walked along the lower path through the woods. Autumnal tints and berries now providing the interest, doesn’t seem long since we were looking for Bluebells. There are a few Rhododendrons re flowering showing pinpoints of colour  amongst the greens and browns.

Returning through the park to The Ivy Kitchen for a coffee the sun on the leaf carpet of the path was lovely, bottom right.

Saw a few folks from the village we knew for a brief chat, no mingling, whilst we waited for our coffee. A brief stroll around the pond to feed the ducks and then we headed home. 
Saw an elderly lady from church in her garden and had another chat there. So nice to see people when out on local walks.

After lunch I joined the ATN Community Singing Zoom session celebrating ATN’s 5th birthday party. Some good songs we know and stories form those 5 years but our Bingley group only joined 2 years ago in February so it was for the Baildon people primarily. We had our 2nd birthday party in March just before lockdown. 
There is hope for some ‘real’ singing next week outdoors. I have indicated I will be happy to do it but ironically won’t be able to be there next week - more important things happening!

Nearly Friday and more good weather to come, if not as hot as earlier in the week, lovely sun to show off the developing autumn colours..

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