Old stacking system

Jon bought this music centre in about 1986 I would guess. It was top class and not cheap. Now, the last useful bit, the turntable, has given up the ghost midway through me playing an UIltravox album, so perhaps it is time we parted company with it? The only thing that properly plays is the tape deck. The CD player is temperamental and sometimes plays, sometimes doesn’t. The radio struggles to tune in to anything even though it has LW MW and FM. I end up listening to a badly tuned in radio 4 most of the time. But I loved listening to my vinyl records on it, as the sound was so good. A chance to declutter and let go of something else though.

I cycled up to the allotment at 7.30 the long way, dropping off the horse manure bags up the road on the way.

Work was warm today again, and we had a nice peaceful lunch in the shade of the french quarter. It was nice to have lunch together as Jon is usually in Norwich at lunchtime inspecting trees. I wonder how many more lunches we will have in the sun sitting in the garden.

Worked a bit later because I started late. Feeling quite tired so settling down for farming type tv on the telly, and all creatures great and small after this farming life.

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