A loooong walk!

Jon and I finished work at 4.30 and went for a walk. A long walk around the village. It is the first proper walk we have had around the village for a while. It was still very hot, but nice to be out in the fresh air after a day inside. We started at the chickens, then headed out of the village before going across a farmer's field, cutting up to the top of the village in a loop that brought us down the high street. At the top there is a field of just under 7 acres that has been up for sale for a while. I wanted to see if the 'for sale' sign was still there. It was, but almost obscured completely by the overgrowth. It is a rough overgrown bit of sloped ground which has to be used for agricultural use. I keep wondering if there is a business in it, but I can't think of anything that would make it pay.

When we got home I made a nice macaroni cheese for dinner while Jon and Henry went to the gym. After dinner I sorting my sewing box a bit, and made a birthday card which I must post tomorrow.

Feel tired after our long walk, so a bit of tv now before bed.

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