Stress free travel

W had sent for three new RFID cards to come to R's house in Sweden, and 2 had arrived.  Each one costs €10 to €20, but it's a one off cost.  You can then connect the RFID card to a bank account or PayPal, wave it at the charger, and it starts it.  Technically, it’s possible to manage with an app on your mobile phone, but we'd had problems with signal en route to Sweden.  

One of the new RFID cards worked a dream – charging was simple and straightforward.  We set off at 0700 from R's, caught the 0940 ferry from Rødby to Puttgarden, found chargers where we expected them, both working, both accepted the Plugsurfer RFID card, charged for about 30 minutes at each one, and arrived at our hotel at 1830ish.  

After a quick wash, we walked up to a local rather eclectic “Oriental“ restaurant and had an “all you can eat” buffet, and several glasses of wine.

The only mistake we made was to assume, when we booked the hotel, that its location was irrelevant except that it should be relatively far along our route to our final destination of Hoek van Holland.  In fact, after we had booked it, Sweden came off the list of countries needing quarantine, but The Netherlands did not.  So having spent a night in The Netherlands we will have to quarantine for two weeks, whereas if we had stopped a few miles further from our destination, in Germany, we could have avoided it.

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