Charging with FastNed

Back blipped on 18th September.

W has sent for the FastNed RFID card, but unfortunately it hadn't arrived in Sweden by the time we left.  However, fortunately the Plugsurfer RFID card also gives access - albeit FastNed charge extra if you don't use their own RFID card.  

FastNed seem to be quite well set up in The Netherlands now - they have canopies (with solar panels on the roof) at many of the motorway service areas, with several chargers.  We had no difficulty finding one at a suitable point in our journey from our overnight stay hotel to the ferry.

So our journey home continued to be stress free.  We arrived at the ferry well in time, were one of the first cars onto the ferry.

The Stena line ferries from Harwich to Hoek van Holland have been well underfilled, allowing comfortable distancing throughout.

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