An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

That'll be that then...

This morning due to the escalating situation and increased restrictions re. covid in Lancashire and the current medical advice in Scotland not to travel to England unless it's essential (essential being defined as work or school) we took the sad decision to cancel our holiday.

Under the new restrictions in Lancashire we would technically be classed as a mixed household and mixed households are banned (although we may have got away with it) and given further alarming increases in covid cases it’s just proved too risky especially as we have three vulnerable people with underlying health issues in our group.  Also given how careful we've been, it just seemed mad to be heading into the hornet's nest.  My biggest fear was any of us taking ill and ending up in hospital down there!  

Alan and Andrew are disappointed but got over it fairly quickly when we said Andrew would be staying for a few days and they could go swimming and basically have a holiday at home  Phew!

They headed out with Jordan after lunch, Lola went to stay with R (she gets to go on her holiday till Tuesday :-) and we relocated to the Gin Palace, so it's not all bad.  

And the weather looks good for the rest of the weekend :-))

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