An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Here comes the sun...

As Lola is on her holidays at R's till Tuesday, this morning David did something he never does...he had a lie in!  Till 10am!  There must have been something in the air because my insomnia disappeared for the night and I slept soundly till 10am too!  What a difference a full night's sleep makes.

Andrew was chatting to Vickie when we got downstairs, patiently waiting for his French toast.  Alan was still sound asleep, so a relaxed start to the day.  Just as if we were on holiday ;-))

After lunch the lads headed off to Portobello and had a fab time.  D and I had our lunch later as we'd had breakfast so late.  D then headed to the driving range and I sat in the garden but was too warm so retreated to the garden room to peruse Mary Berry's new cookbook - Simple Comforts.  Lots of lovely recipes and I'll enjoy working my way through it over the winter.  Making two dinner dishes from it this week - Smokey Firecracker chicken drumsticks and bacon, asparagus & mushroom spaghetti.

Andrew and Alan arrived back full of the joys and since dinner have been chilling out and watching films.  

It's so lovely to have Andrew here again, telling his silly jokes and trying to give David a fright :-))  We've missed him.

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