Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Music shop selfie

Coffee in the front garden again, the Kosmos plant is looking glorious!

Max went to the shops and Gulliver was not at college so he took me for a walk today, we walked to Hampton Hill where I got buttons fitted on my ukulele and bought myself a strap, they only had one strap which was baby doll pink, I thought it was apt as I named my ukulele Dolly after Dolly Parton because the main reason I’m learning it is to help with my songwriting and I greatly admire her as a songwriter.

Gulliver played a guitar in the shop while we waited, we got an Uber home because I knew it be too far for me to walk, I did my Pilates in the afternoon, I’ve been really tired today and I’ve just really taken it easy.

Both boys were out this evening, Max made a delicious seafood casserole for dinner and then we had an evening on the sofa watching the Fall.

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