By iaint


It has been another beautiful September day. 

I broke with routine - being on holiday and all - and did not jump in the car before 09:00 to buy food for the week. Apart from anything else, with not knowing what I will be doing over the next 7 days it was not possible to make a meal plan. I can always go tomorrow… or Monday… 

Instead I drove to Burntisland. The opposite direction. I had to pick up something there and thought I could pop into the new bakery too. It opens at 10:00. I was there about 10:20. My baguette was still warm. 

This meant following an ancient French tradition by breaking off one end and eating it on the way home. Quality control. Believe me, it was utterly delicious. I bought two pecan and cinnamon buns as well. I managed to resist temptation until lunchtime. Delicious too. 

The afternoon brought some light gardening. My garden has certainly benefitted from me being stuck at home so much over the last 6 months. I even have my first chilli pepper, grown from seed. I am curious to see if we have enough growing season for it to get to the edible stage. It is a bird's eye, so it will not have to grow big.

Also in the Extras is the entrance to the harbour at Burntisland. A hydrofoil service from there would get us to Edinburgh in 15 minutes, instead of 40 by train or car... 

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