David J. Rose

By djrose007

Calamity Ruby rides again

Ruby and Eric stayed with us for a little while today while Johanna did some shopping. Ruby was so funny, riding on the horse and making clicking horsey noises with her mouth. The doll she is playing with is Janet, it was her Mums' first dolly very nearly 35 years ago.
The third photograph just made me laugh so much. I was in the garden and she came out of the patio door, on her head is the bag that usually holds the dollies bottles, bibs, hats etc. She is such a funny, loveable, little girl.
Eric is a very happy little boy, nearly 6 months old and smiling a lot. He was obviously tired so when Johanna got back to our house I'd got him off to sleep so she stayed a while longer until he woke up.

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