Back to footie

On a positive note it was a nice sunny day for spectating. The boys weren’t too happy as they lost 2-1 but that was a big improvement on last season’s scores. Here they are ready to go back on after half time.

They felt a bit aggrieved as they didn’t have a proper ref and one of the coaches from the other team acted as ref. They thought he was biased - and he did make a few dodgy decisions - but you just have to live with it. Even the premier league professional refs make a mess of it some times so I am always willing to cut the ‘have a go’ refs a bit of slack. I guess that is not so easy when you are on the pitch with them.  He did  award a penalty to the other side when the kid just fell over but he missed the net so that all worked out.

The lads played really well and created way more chances - they could have netted around 8 goals but we always struggle to score and it was no different this time.

Never mind though, was a much more pleasant experience than when we were in league 1 and letting in double figures each game

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