By Majoayee

Old fence, new fence

It reminded me of a Dr. Seuss poem!  This is the new fence that is going round the cricket field and the football pitch.   I mentioned them the other day.  Oh me oh my, don’t ask me why!  It’s an eyesore!

Another fabulous day, off to do a tiny bit of gardening.  The old apples have been stewed and some have been taken round to B.  Others left in the box for anyone to take.  A chilli made for tonight and we’ve collected Ro’s prescription , long queue outside, and we’ve done our walk!  And the washing should be dry!  

I want to make a card for one of my grandchildren with her favourite animal: the giraffe.  Maybe doing a can can?  Anyone have a brighter idea?

Many thanks to Gadget kid for hosting  ‘Mono Monday - old and new’ this week.

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