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Mono Monday (Monday 21st September 2020)

Sometime back in the late eighties or early nineties I went on a family excursion to Ironbridge Gorge Museum, and while we were there we visited a vintage foundry where the now somewhat battered house number plate was stamped dramatically into existence. It was attached to the Old Forge front wall, from where it has given good service without problem ever since. It was removed when the cottage was painted.
Because just recently I have been experiencing regular problems with getting parcels, mainly from Amazon who seem to have forgotten how to make deliveries, I decided to replace it with two large slate plates. One was prominently attached to the driveway fence where it can be read from the road and the other, pictured, is right beside the letterbox.
Despite this, I'm still getting notifications of packages "handed to resident" that weren't. The old number, which I think I remember was in the style of old steam engine boiler plates, will be refurbished, repainted and attached to a fence at the rear of the property, in plain sight of any vans that have driven to the top of the communal driveway.
With thanks to GadgetKid whose Mono Monday theme this week is Old And New.

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21.9.2020 (1742 hr)

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Taken with Nikon Coolpix P900 (24-2000mm equivalent bridge camera)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Jimmy Ruffin - He Who Picks A Rose (recorded by 17 May 1965, Hitsville, Detroit MI)
I mentioned in my LOTD a few days ago that the band track for the song I Gotta Find A Way (To Get You Back), as recorded by the Temptations, had originally been for a different song, He Who Picks A Rose. The Temptations recorded it in 1963 and Jimmy Ruffin followed suit using the same Funk Brothers track in 1965, but neither were released at the time, though the Temptations did record it again but with a revised lyric for the album The Temptations Wish it Would Rain. Edwin Starr used the same track and the same new lyric later that year for his album 25 Miles. Complicated, isn't it? One can see why the Motown organisation was compared to a Motorcity car assembly line. This Jimmy Ruffin version was first released in 2001 on a UK Spectrum-label compilation called Northern Soul Connoisseurs that I replayed on this day.

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