We have had more workmen at the house today, Sam and Wayne, changing windows that had “blown” and doing several jobs in the conservatory like rejigging the locks on doors and windows and generally tidying up the bits and pieces that had disintegrated over the years.  I guess that when plastic is in the heat of the sun it does get brittle and we were just pleased that Sam, one of the workmen, was able to do the jobs for us.  The blown windows in the porch and kitchen were duly replaced and Sam very kindly put some mastic on the guttering on the conservatory, which will hopefully stop them leaking.

However, there was an issue when he came to replace the two large windows in the front of the conservatory - for some reason, the manufacturers had reduced the sizes given to them, with the consequence that they were about two inches too short.  We were just pleased Sam hadn’t taken the old panes out and smashed them, otherwise as he said, he would have had to put boards in until the new windows came and who knows how long that will take?  

However, we assured Sam that it was just one of the things and mistakes happen.  He said that he would do as much as he could today and then come back and finish off some other time;  we were happy and pleased that Sam had such a positive attitude and told him that. 

I looked at the theme for today and saw that it was something tiny but in black and white so I remembered that sometime ago I had got out a little box with GuG - Grown up ‘Geomag’ on the lid thinking that it might do for a Blip one day.  Geomag was first introduced in 1999 and is a magnetic construction toy, consisting of magnetic rods and ball bearings.  We aren’t sure whether it belonged to our boys or to our grandson, Harry, but it has come in very handy for me today and I'm just pleased I had enough of the little pieces to make the word "blip".

According to some of the blurb on the internet, “the bars are able to develop a magnetic attraction force equal to more than 200 times its own weight”.  The tiny straight pieces are just 5 mm long and the round pieces are about 10 mm in diameter and it’s true that they have a strong magnetic force, hence having to put the letters of blip quite a long way apart.  

We now the unenviable job of defrosting the freezer, and putting that back in place, shredding lots of old papers and then filling the filing cabinet up again so there won’t be much work done in the green gym today.  I just hope that we won’t need the old papers we are shredding but I guess payslips from the year 2000 aren’t that important now, twenty years on so if we don’t do it, then when we pop our clogs, someone else will have to.  

“We all make mistakes, 
     have struggles, 
          and even regret things in our past. 
But you are not your mistakes, 
     you are here now 
          with the power to shape 
               your day and your future.” 
Steve Maraboli

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