By biddy

Weather change overnight.

I know lots of blippers out there who would love the deluge of rain that came down this morning . 
I am so glad I was in the garden practically all day yesterday. 
In the course of my clearing the bed nearest to the patio window,  I had a  bucket in which I placed the smooth rounded stones, large and small, which are a feature of our soil here. I wanted to clear the soil and dig in some compost to enrich it. 
It is the same in Sutton Park on the different trails. 
My next door neighbour, who is  very learned, and can speak several languages, once told me when we were discussing him making a pathway through his rockery at the top of his garden with the ones he had been collecting, that millions of years ago where we live was once a glacier. And the movement created stones and pebbles, of all sizes. 
   He made a lovely path. I have been washing them bit by bit, some of them are lovely colours. 
I am intending to use them somewhere in the bottom rockery. 
A quick trip into our local town followed. I took the car this time. 
I was collecting some shoes I had ordered, and buying some birthday   cards, as well as another umbrella as mine has disappeared (as they do from time to time!) 
      By the time I was coming back the rain was hammering it down, running in the gutters and swirling in corners.
A quick trip into our local M&S food for some flowers and a mini bottle of Prosecco for a friend who is 80 today! 
She is one of our French conversation group and you would not think she is 80 at all! 
We are shortly going to take them along with some little chocolate cakes, to her home. She has a ground floor flat, so we can at least speak to her on the doorstep. (Due to the current restrictions here.)
I took the main photo through the patio window. The bird feeders were very busy again today, due to the weather having cooled down by 10 degrees overnight!     
It looks as if the sky will soon be emptying another downpour . 
Time to go. 
I'm behind with comments right now. 
I'll catch up at some point.   
PS This is an amendment to the glacier information.
Blipper keibr has helpfully written in comments that the most recent glaciers around Sutton melted around 10-15000 years ago. Such a great piece of history we are sitting on! 
Along with centuries of other civilisations and geology.           

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