Lost in Thought

By steveng

New Medical Centre (Widwed230920)

The new(ish) medical centre in Wellesbourne a few miles from our village. 
Such a dull day I was struggling to think of anything I could blip, but Gill had realised the library was open and she could return the choir books she borrowed for what should have been their April concert.  It now seems likely they won't be singing together again until next April.   There are some fine old cottages in Wellesbourne, but they all had too many parked cars, dog doo bins and street furniture obscuring the view so I have gone for the newest building in the village.  The queue outside the pharmacy is perhaps a sign of the times.  A mono version in the extra, I chose the colour for my main as I like the similarity between the pharmacy sign and the walking lady's jacket.

I'll do as usual and go through the Wide Wednesday  entries today and again tomorrow,  star and comment so you will know I have seen your entries,  results tomorrow, Thursday evening (UK time)

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