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By steveng

After the Rain (and WidWed results)

We were in Stratford upon Avon this morning to meet up with Hildasrose & Rob - always good to have a blip catchup!   It was quite showery so we sat inside in Coffee#1 and when we came out I thought the wet seating outside most of the cafes and coffee shops would make a good documentary style blip.  I've chosen this one from High Street as I think it catches a few of the changes we have already seen and will probably see more of in the future. 

The street is closed to traffic in the middle of the day,  the parking sign is just on the right hand edge of the photo. That allows for pedestrians to spread out more and what was the parking space has been turned over to outdoor seating.  You might also see the QR codes on the tables and the order via the app request on the cafe's sign board.  I can see as the autumn progresses though, we might need more substantial parasols and the moveable screens seen in Dutch & Belgian market square cafes.

Wide Wednesday results
Favourites to:

Goatee Booknerd – Historical/Recent/New Build
                                    great light, long exposure & monochrome
                                    Be sure to take a look large on black!
AnnieBelle – bright colours and a reflection of the old in the new.
DonnaWana – bold lines, colours and an interesting angle
Miranda1008 – leading lines in monochrome and a decisive moment
                             HCB would have approved
Incredibish – a bridge repurposed but in ned of TLC
                         be sure to see the extra too.

Honourable Mentions to:

Pleach – a 60s view on how the built environment was intended to make us feel.
Kipsie – what was once a good idea now in need of a tidy up
H0tamer – the built environment can be just a local street corner
DavidC – gritty mono with local and personal history
Bella888 – we really are going to need more of these

Special mention for:

Sheol – gritty reality history and the link between what we build and how it influences us.

Thanks to everyone who entered there were some great interpretations of the theme and I appreciate the efforts people have gone to, particularly if you had to suffer changeable weather for your blip.

Me again next Wednesday,  the optional theme is Tall.

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