With a little imagination & tidy up

the multistorey car park in Newton Abbot could look quite smart. Living walls of green plants would be perfect. As I was photographing the building today, a lady passing by remarked that I was photographing her favourite building in N.A & that it was on her list of actions to contact the local council and suggest smartening up. We agreed on the living walls being a great idea. Watch this space! as they say. She might have been a local councillor for all I know. Mum thought I knew her when she stopped to talk to me. Part of the livestock market is/was on the ground floor, sheep pens I believe. It was market day today but sadly the days of Newton Abbot buzzing on market day are over. There are plans to redevelop the cattle market, the local cinema, & build a Premier Inn on the livestock market area. Some other interesting buildings that I shall go and snap before they're raised to the ground. :-( 
I'm not sure what I ate yesterday but something upset me, so quite an unsettled night's sleep. Rain overnight, in fact it was raining when I was sat here last night predicting rain. I have the Met Office weather app on my phone, & they're fairly accurate give or take the occasional half hour either way. I did'nt feel too bad when I woke up this morning just a tad weary through lack of sleep thank goodness. Jorgie & I headed off in light rain, then the skies brightened, about 100yds from home it started to rain again quite steady, so we were lucky. It was still mild enough to walk in a short sleeved tee shirt. Jorgie settled I headed off to Chudleigh for my flu jab, that done I made way to collect Mum to go provisions shopping. Only the second time she has been out shopping donning her mask. It took us a little while to find everything that we needed in Morrison's, but both satisfied with the outcome. Stopped in Newton Abbot briefly for Mum to buy some greetings cards in the British heart Foundation charity shop, & me to snap the multi storey car park. I could'nt make up my mind which angle & side of the building did it justice. Thinking about it now, on the bridge connecting the car park with the market might have been an interesting option.
Back to Mum's, shopping unloaded, the customer service woman was supposed to be calling me at 1.30pm to discuss compensation for the lack of 2 weeks internet service. She did'nt call. I was so impressed with her manner etc. yesterday, after my previous experiences. Yet another BLACK mark. :-(
Dropped my shopping off home then back to Jorgie & the birds. A gloriously sunny afternoon. Jorgie & I had a game of fetch, where I seemed to be doing much of the fetching. My fetching was fractionally better than my throwing .. I kept throwing the ball over the ballustrading, to remedy this I threw the ball backwards between my legs.

Thanks to Steveng for hosting Wide Wednesday & setting the subject of Built Environment (Man made).

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