By Kipsie

No place like home

I confess this photo was not taken today as you will have no doubt guessed from the shadows. No, today did begin with sunshine but it soon disappeared, earlier than I thought it should, according to the Met Office. The plan was I'd get the laundry out on the line, walk Millie, forage some more filberts, return, & pick in the partially dried washing before the rain. IT started raining when we were at the furthest point from home. Ah, never mind, we were enjoying our walk, I picked up Filberts, Millie munched on windfall apples.  When we returned I packed all my stuff into bags. Food, clothes, plant seed, cuttings, then packed the car dodging the heavier rain. Nipped down to Asda to pick up a few bits for Mum. Back at Millie's I whizz around with the Dyson, wash the kitchen floor. All done. Just had to wait for a text to confirm J&V had touched down at Bristol airport then I could look up and leave. On the dot of 6pm .... ping! Said goodbye to Millie then headed home.

Unloaded the car back home. Easy dinner tonight .. cold meat with bubble n' squeak. There is nothing quite like the smell of bubble n' squeak when it's cooking. YUM!

So my pastimes in this photo  of my back garden cover my photographing lines of laundry, amongst other subject matter. Upcycling/recycling, the patio table, chairs, pottery planter, plus the metal bowl on the table were all finds at our local recycle centre, Thirdly, gardening, I love being outdoors, I love plants, I love colour.

Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting Mono Monday , with the optional extra 'Pastime'

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