Acorn barnacle shells.

I found these washed up on the beach along the Gulf of Thailand, & was fascinated by their shape & colour. I brought some back to UK and am now using them into part of an installation for my garden, IF it's a success.
Overcast & very still this morning, Jorgie & I went up the steep section of bridle path first to do a clockwise loop.
Went down to Mum's to get her laptop connected to the new router. Just about to key in the password key, my mobile rang, A very nice lady from the Post Office ringing to explain that Outreach had booked a full day appointment to deal with a number of problems in the area yesterday, the internet should be okay now but connection might possibly drop a few times during today. She apologized & suggested calling back again tomorrow to make sure the internet was still working and to discuss compensation. I reckon my letter of complaint must have worked, although it was'nt mentioned. Mum has cleared out her deep freeze, you know all those bits you pop in the freezer thinking you'll use them later, then don't recognise the contents of the bags, only to be disappointed when what's thawed is'nt what you expected.  She mentioned the jigsaw puzzle I borrowed her from the library, she does'nt seem to think all the pieces are there, so I fetched from the spare bedroom, plonked it on the dining room table, & had a fiddle while catching up over a cuppa. I found a few pieces but whether that will be enough to jizz Mum up I'm not sure.  I must try and find her another book to read. She enjoyed the first book, but can't get into the two I've brought back recently.
Back to Chudleigh, lunch with hubby, then I stripped the sweet peppers off the plants in the greenhouse, making space to bring the tomato plants in from outside. The bit of warmth should ripen off the remaining fruits I reckon. I left hubby prepping the peppers for the freezer & headed back to Jorgie. Did a bit of deadheading in the garden before taking her for her afternoon walk. The skies darkened, the threat of rain, then next minute, gone again, blue skies & sunshine returned. Some overnight rain forecast but will see what the morning brings.
Got my flu jab at 10.08 then off to Morrison's with Mum to do a shop.

Thanks to MaryElizaR for hosting Tiny Tuesday & setting the theme Anything tiny in black & white

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